I toss Series

Human learns from nature, to look ‘’perfect’’ to be strong, to combine aesthetics and utility while elegant.
The designers too… Minimum space maximum functionality and maximum benefit with the loss. I toss elements are produced with universal standard sand types to create combinations compatible with any size of office space.

Ferro Series

Maximum functionality with minimal area loss… Ferro is a collection designed to equip private spaces with harmony and balance.
The fascinating lines, multiple designs, different functions fluidize the environment and are compatible with office life needs.


Reflection of nature to working environments. Ergonomic design of Abant supports body form of user and enable balanced sitting posture. Adopts to shifting  back forms and supports waist at every positions. Its flexible structure allows perfect movement during different sitting postures. 
Head and Neck support adjustable height and angle offers best posture for head and neck.
Seat adjustment forwad and backward movement of the seat lets you sit at desired seat distance via well positioned seat adjustment buton.
Long lasting Abant Collection chairs made of different refined materials combined with valuable aliminium.


Cross Radius, a new design that reflects the energy you need to work. Cross, the right collection to create work areas with it’s simplicity. 
Assembling the feet and the tables in many versions, creating a different and special working system is the fact of the individual of this collection. Perfect combination of aluminum and wood…


PRATICA has futuristic design: Functional, durable, aesthetic, modern, handy product. The innovative aspect of PRATICA provides in the folding system, which is keeping easy handling and storage… Systematically provides ease of use areas. Easy-to-use folding mechanism makes the table suitable for use. Desk can be stock after folded to allows you more space saving. Ideal for meetings, educational buildings, cafes, restaurants and ballrooms…


Make room for more action

Folding By Flekssit

FOLDING offers limitless options to create places of meeting, conference and training with their special design. The table top is very easy to open and close with a special system bases have locking feature for safety. Bases and carrier has sound absorbing feature. Bases are designed to allow cable management. Different places can be created by combining desks via special parts. Stackable desk provides space saving.


Design is lived, nature teaches.

For more than 38 years to create a collection of over 500.

In these processes, specializing in the creation of solutions for office furniture and talented, we are doing the design team has extensive knowledge about the applied technical solutions.

We believe that;

The key to successful products and produce products having meaning, based on technical and scientific research

These beliefs Flekssit elegant, balanced and tasteful blend of fine lines, ingenious use of materials, shows the Flekssit  design passion. By Design , reflect of the user lifestyle their thoughts and feelings, as well as with long lifetime delivers excellent quality. Flekssit Design Team dynamism to the products, is committed to advancing design excellence and exclusivity saving products.