Living office concept

Getting up at 8 am and working up to 6 pm stayed in history, business concept is reshaping… Changing workforce worldwide, parallel to this differentiated expectations, change of material used and style of work, briefly, business world to change completely… This movement of change brings the question along; Is a new business environment possible? Increasing the quality of office design and functionality, provides up to 36% performance boost in companies. Day by day it’s increasingly important to spatially elevate the motivation of office workers, not that you have to go, but to create an office where you want to go.
Today, workplaces are places where we spend most of our time. In fact, our workplace may be in places where we live more than our home. We go there every morning at 8 o’clock and we stay there for the next 8-10 hours, we may even should stay there some time. Our business places can almost become our second home and thats why we can not ignore the design issue. Our office should be a comfortable place to spend a day in a long time. Must have all modern possibility, also should be a place for resting. We need to give best conditions, for being pleasure place to peoplewho use this are as.
There are some factors that must be kept in mind when thinking about office design. First of all, consider the comfort of employees. Employees are the basis of companies, their comfort should not be ignored. There must be a comfortable seating arrangement in the office for the staff to be rested. Creativity in the workplace can alert the staff mind and can inspire them during the working. This environment also gives them energy to work harder also increase productivity, thats why the appearance of offices should be highly professional.

8 tips to start your day more fit and better

Avoid Display Lights

The first rule of waking up energetically in the morning is to have a good night’s sleep and to avoid stress and display lights before going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Instead of being cheerful with your phone before going to bed at night, you can get ready for sleep by reading a nice book. In addition, your bedroom is ventilated and always sleeping at the same time you can do for a good quality sleep.

Do Not Snooze Alarm

Those who press the snooze button repeatedly when the alarm sounds in the morning do not have much chance of being energetic when they get out of bed. Staying in bed for a few more minutes will not only get you to sleep, it will also reduce your morning energy. To prevent this, you can place the alarm away from your bed, so you have to stand up to silence the alarm and start the day immediately.

Wake Up With Sunlight

When you get out of bed, first open the windows and get fresh air. Take deep breaths of oxygen to your body and let fresh air revive you. Another important thing to open the windows and invite the daylight to your home is that your body will only be able to sense that you have woken up. The human body, which is programmed to sleep at night and wake up in the daytime, realizes that it wakes up more easily when it sees the sun, and thus makes you feel more fit.

Store Positive Energy with Your Favorite Music

Another way to feel vigorous in the morning is to listen to your favorite music after waking up and start the day with the positive energy of your favorite songs. Choose songs that will open you up, make you happy, and listen to them while you have breakfast and start your day.

Prepare yourself for the day with simple exercises

Moving in the morning, doing simple exercises, stretching movements regulates the blood circulation in your body, adds flexibility to your body that has been inactive during the night and prepares you for the day. Getting up 15 minutes early every morning and doing simple exercises will make you feel more energetic during the day.

Get Ready for the Day with Morning Coffee

Many studies have shown that coffee in the mornings helps to wake up with the caffeine it contains and makes you feel more fit both physically and mentally. If you do not have a discomfort that prevents you from consuming coffee, you can prepare for an active day either by breakfast or by sipping your coffee after breakfast.

Make sure to consume the necessary nutrients for breakfast

No matter how much you read about it, you won’t find an article that doesn’t emphasize the importance of breakfast. All experts in the world agree that breakfast is the most important meal. Don’t skip breakfast with non-nutritious foods, talk to a nutritionist to find out how much protein, carbohydrate and vitamins your body needs for breakfast, and make sure you consume the food every morning.

Focus on the Beautiful Side of Life Be open to the beauties of the day you will live, focus on the beauty of your life and adopt a positive and confident perspective about the tasks you hope to accomplish and the issues that make you hopeful. Believe in yourself and believe that you will have a productive day, so that you can stand up to all kinds of challenges and keep your energy going all day.

9 ways to motivate employees

Congratulate the success of your employees.

Your employees want to be appreciated for their achievements. Feeling that his / her achievements are seen and cared, the motivation of the employee will endure and he will strive to do better. If you are not sure what appreciation and reward methods you will apply; 5 Alternative Appreciation and Reward Methods Apart from Money.

Try to find solutions to business complaints.

When you are in the executive position, you may not be aware of your employees’ problems and business problems. Listen to your employees to evaluate their complaints and try to resolve as soon as possible. Your employees will understand that they are cared and respected.

Minimize stress.

At the end of the days when intense stress is experienced and important meetings are missed, you can make your employees reduce their stress with a small celebration.

Make sure you care about your employees by remembering special days.

Remember the days that affect motivation positively, such as friendship day, happiness day, and the importance of your employees being together and being in a group as well as individual competition.

Pay attention to group work.

Let employees see what they can do with their colleagues. The exchange of ideas through group work will have a positive effect on the motivation of your employees.

Organize activities.

Your relationships with your employees are not limited to business. With events that bring together your employees – and even you – on some weekends, you will find a more energetic work environment and more tightly hired employees.

Allow him / her to spend time with their families.

Especially if you want to achieve productivity at work, you should also care about the social life of your employee. The employee, who shows a good progress in his social life and realizes that his work does not adversely affect his social life, exhibits a more positive progress. Cinema – concert ticket, dinner for two or a mini vacation; Some of the applications you can do…

Consider business recommendations.

This person may be a newcomer or an intern. Make you feel that you care about your employees’ thoughts by asking for their ideas about the job, listening to their suggestions and evaluating them.

Remember the important days of your employees.

Make them feel that you care about your employees on days when they are remembered, like birthdays. Even with a little celebration or a business card with more employees – you can send it back.

I toss Series

Human learns from nature, to look ‘’perfect’’ to be strong, to combine aesthetics and utility while elegant.
The designers too… Minimum space maximum functionality and maximum benefit with the loss. I toss elements are produced with universal standard sand types to create combinations compatible with any size of office space.

Ferro Series

Maximum functionality with minimal area loss… Ferro is a collection designed to equip private spaces with harmony and balance.
The fascinating lines, multiple designs, different functions fluidize the environment and are compatible with office life needs.


Reflection of nature to working environments. Ergonomic design of Abant supports body form of user and enable balanced sitting posture. Adopts to shifting  back forms and supports waist at every positions. Its flexible structure allows perfect movement during different sitting postures. 
Head and Neck support adjustable height and angle offers best posture for head and neck.
Seat adjustment forwad and backward movement of the seat lets you sit at desired seat distance via well positioned seat adjustment buton.
Long lasting Abant Collection chairs made of different refined materials combined with valuable aliminium.


Cross Radius, a new design that reflects the energy you need to work. Cross, the right collection to create work areas with it’s simplicity. 
Assembling the feet and the tables in many versions, creating a different and special working system is the fact of the individual of this collection. Perfect combination of aluminum and wood…