Living office concept

Getting up at 8 am and working up to 6 pm stayed in history, business concept is reshaping… Changing workforce worldwide, parallel to this differentiated expectations, change of material used and style of work, briefly, business world to change completely… This movement of change brings the question along; Is a new business environment possible? Increasing the quality of office design and functionality, provides up to 36% performance boost in companies. Day by day it’s increasingly important to spatially elevate the motivation of office workers, not that you have to go, but to create an office where you want to go.
Today, workplaces are places where we spend most of our time. In fact, our workplace may be in places where we live more than our home. We go there every morning at 8 o’clock and we stay there for the next 8-10 hours, we may even should stay there some time. Our business places can almost become our second home and thats why we can not ignore the design issue. Our office should be a comfortable place to spend a day in a long time. Must have all modern possibility, also should be a place for resting. We need to give best conditions, for being pleasure place to peoplewho use this are as.
There are some factors that must be kept in mind when thinking about office design. First of all, consider the comfort of employees. Employees are the basis of companies, their comfort should not be ignored. There must be a comfortable seating arrangement in the office for the staff to be rested. Creativity in the workplace can alert the staff mind and can inspire them during the working. This environment also gives them energy to work harder also increase productivity, thats why the appearance of offices should be highly professional.

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